A.M.H. Prestige provides essential services for small to medium business owners.



Bookkeeping can become a very time-consuming task. Employing our staff to manage your bookkeeping may give you the opportunity to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.


Payroll Services

Are you in need of someone to keep track of all your payroll documents and provide you with fast and accurate payroll service? We customize any specific payroll plan to accommodate your company, regardless of its size.


Business Analysis

A Business Analyst applies the competencies and the skills of understanding stakeholder needs through elicitation, facilitation and business analysis, while constantly communicating, tracing and validating requirements.

Federal & State Tax Preparation

We plan and prepare a wide variety of taxes for a number of clients. Our clients range from individuals and sole proprietors to partnerships and corporations. We also offer electronic filing at no extra cost.

- For Federal forms and info, go to www.irs.gov

- For State forms and info, go to www.ftb.ca.gov



Sales Tax

California has a statewide sales tax. Sales and use taxes in the state of California are collected by the State Board of Equalization. The last changes to the published local tax rates took effect on April 1, 2007. Official updates are published on the Board of Equalization website and also in Publication 71. www.boe.ca.gov



 Unsecured Property Taxes

We can file your unsecured property tax statements (571-L) or if you like, you can file them yourself electronically by going online to www.calbpsfile.org  and clicking on the

e-SDR button on the left.


 Financial Documents for Banks & Loans

There are a number of applications which must be completed and submitted as you go through the process of applying for various types of financial loans. The possibility of Federal Verification, and things which you can do to make the process go more smoothly.


Our expert  financial advisors can assist you with your financial and retirement planning needs.


- Business Evaluation & Expansions
  - Debit Assessment
  - Tax audit representation


- Business Acquisition



A.M.H Prestige currently manages many professional offices in the Southern California region.

We Work With :           


-Medical Group Offices.

-Veterinary Hospitals.

-Dentist Offices.

-Drug Stores & Pharmacies.

-Mini Marts & Convenience Stores.

- Apartments.

- Hotels & Motels




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