A.M.H-Prestige, Inc. Is your partner in the search of your dream house and/or business.


Our team of real estate agents and brokers are ready to serve you.


We cover Orange County and Los Angeles and San Bernardino County.


Feel free to call our office and speak to one of our agents with your needs.

 - Commercial Real Estate

- Residential Real Estate

- Investment Real Estate (Apartment Buildings)

- Business Acquisition




-Member of California Association Realtors Representation for Buyer

& Seller in: Residential, Commercial & Business Opportunity.


-Real Estate Tax Consultation with Emphasis in 1031 Exchange (Non Taxable Exchange).


-Property Management.



Property tax is an ad valorem tax that an owner pays on the value of the property being taxed.


The Property tax rate is often given as a percentage (amount of tax per hundred currency units of property value).


It may also be expressed as a permille (amount of tax per thaousand currency units of property value), which is also known as a millage rate or mill levy.


You can find Your property tax information by clicking on your designated area:


- Orange County  www.ttc.ocgov.com

- Los Angeles County   www.lacountypropertytax.com

- San Bernardino County www.mytaxcollector.com

- Riverside County  www.riversidetaxinfo.com

- Ventura County  www.venturapropertytax.org

- San Diego County www.sdtreastax.com



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